The Project

People’s Plants is an Art project where Psychology and Nature meet together in order to translate internal dialogues to create a self-awareness experience for each visitor.


People’s Plants is an Art project:

  • where plants are used as language elements for self expression.
  • that develops a method for improving communication and self awareness.

The project has been developed by a Psychologist and Artist, Ana Valls, who, after years of working as an interviewer, has observed the prevalence of the high difficulty of being accurate or precise when getting to speak about ourselves.


The experience that People’s Plants has to offer goes in 3 phases:

    1. Individual experience. Self-reflection:
      • The visitor gets to make a self – reflection exercise alone.
      • There is a test with a set of 2 questions.
      • Each question needs to be answered using a plant as a symbol instead of words.
    2. Session with the Artist. Conversation.
      • Once the visitor has made a choice of plants, he/she is ready to meet the Artist, who is also a certified BSc Psychologist.
      • The purpose is helping to translate the symbolism of each plant into the spoken word.
    3. Closing of the session. The artist finishes the session.

Reason of the project

If we don’t know how to express ourselves -our feelings, wishes, frustrations, beliefs, expectations and identity- we are not in our best shape to make an important decision in life.

If we are unable to observe our mind processes, we cannot self reflect or be aware of our own identity. People’s Plants aims to assist in the struggle of understanding our own cognition or thinking processes. Plants are used as symbols for communication and calming agents.

The use of plants for this project is decisive. Plants provide a calming and silent environment where people can easily listen to their internal dialogues.

Moreover, the notion of life is crucial in this project. We cannot give the same meaning to a non-living object than to a plant. We can easily identify aspects of our life with living objects.

However, why are plants a better medium than any other living organism? Because plants are apparently static and quiet, which makes them a living object open for interpretation (which cannot happen, for example, with a cat, who has already a visible behaviour, which reduces the freedom for interpretation).

The project also wants to address the fact that both nature and Psychology and Nature are Arts by themselves; Especially when both intertwined are able to trigger an intense awareness of personal identity, needs or wishes.

People’s Plants is the space where a person can visualize and confront her/himself with total honesty together with the safety and quietness only provided by nature.