Art & Design in People’s Plants

People’s Plants and Art

People’s Plant is Art in many shapes: It is social art because it has:

  1. Psychology’s contribution to help society to know and understand one’s self better.
  2. People’s Plants is only alive when it counts with the participation of the public.

This project is considered Art and not merely a Psychology exercise with plants. Why? Because creating, designing and bringing to life an environment that makes people to open up about their internal dialogues is beautiful. It is beautiful not only for the artist, but also for the audience, who find themselves looking at their internal mind processes materialized into plants, for the first time. This is a unique experience where both artist and audience have the chance to enjoy a collaborative work of Art.

The practice of Psychology is an art due to the beauty of all the individual differences in human perception and behaviour in life. Psychology itself is a science. As, all sciences are, and as all passionated scientists feel, sciences can be art, can be beautiful, because they help explaining different aspects of life.

People’s Plants and Design

Design plays another main role in People’s Plants.

The space, booklets, leaflets, cards, pots, plant selection and even outfit of the artist have been carefully designed in order to help the visitor to feel peaceful and connected to nature and therefore to increase their self-awareness.

All the elements made and used in the project have been chosen according to the following criteria: natural colors and minimally processed materials, as nature is. Examples of this are: non treated wood, unbleached cotton, recycled plastic and neutral colors like biotoop and cotton.

Other designers have been involved in this process: specially Jookje Zweedijk for Fashion Design and Pim Kerssemakers for Graphic Design and Jan Kohler for the video prodution. The creative director and space designer has been Ana Valls, who is also the creator of this project.