Meet the artist

Ana Valls is a Spanish psychologist and artist with a strong interest to work on behavioural and life processes.

Her graduation project in The Royal Academy of Art of The Hague was based on the need of people to be understood despite the struggle to analyze and comprehend their own mental processes.

Nature has been present in her life since childhood, but it was re-triggered as an Artistic Element for her during her Design internship at Mediamatic in Amsterdam, a center where Nature, ecology and Design work together on a daily basis.

Prior to enrolling in her Art studies in The Hague, she worked as a Human Resources business partner and recruiter at leading international companies for more than 3 years. She did a lot of interviewing work, which is a key skill and experience for making People’s Plants.

People‚Äôs Plants is the result of combining all her artistic and professional knowledge and passion for discovering people’s drive in life.